Van Santen Racing can be associated with:

  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Extreme
  • Commitment
  • Fighting Spirit
  • Fun
  • Technical and personal development
  • Creativity

Furthermore, Van Santen Racing can help you reach your marketing communication objectives.

Of course you wonder:

“Why should my company sponsor Van Santen Racing?”

By sponsoring Van Santen Racing:

You will sell more

During races and event you can show your products, give away samples and flyers. By being involved with our race team, your target group will associate your products with happy, good feelings and the experience of a day of racing and will be triggered to buy from you.

You will create positive publicity

Positive publicity is something we are all looking for and sponsoring is a great tool to stand out while doing something for others. By sponsoring Van Santen Racing you are also automatically a supporter of Racing Against Cancer. That is a nice approach; helping another and getting better by it yourself! And the press likes that too and would be more than happy to write about it.

For instance, our race car has been featured in several national and international magazines, and had features on:

and many other blogs.

Try to buy in all this advertising space. Sponsoring our car will do that for you for only a fraction of the costs. Sponsoring will get you priceless positive publicity!