New Aero by Lovefab – 2017

Because of the extra horsepower from our new engine we also needed to upgrade our aerodynamics. A custom made carbon rear wing, front splitter, sideskirts and diffuser are being made by Lovefab for the Van Santen Racing Time Attack NSX.

Custom Twin Turbo kit – 2017

Next to the paintjob a lot of work on the engine is done as well. The C30 engine was removed and a J35 engine came in place. This engine will be equipped with a twin turbo kit fabricated by Lovefab.

New Livery for 2015

We are happy and proud to announce the new livery for season 2015! We have designed the car our self and our new partner Proton Graphics did the amazing job of realizing our ideas onto the car. 2015 we are starting fresh. With a new engine, new suspension, new interior and now also a new livery we...
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